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Prices are based on clients' requirements.
First consultation is free of charge. 



We offer a complete interior design proposal process, beginning with the concept, through to design presentation and ending with the actual implementation. Our first consultation if free of charge, during which we try to find more about your lifestyle, your visions, but also individual needs with regard to your interior. On the basis of this consultation we write up a quotation for the proposed design, and include steps of the overall process and a preliminary timetable.
The concept of interiors - if you opt for our services, our next step is to propose the concept of the interior which consists of style, layout, colour schemes, furniture selection, design of custom-made furniture, lighting and other equipment and accessories. At this stage, we will prepare an accurate work schedule and a financial evaluation within the client’s budget. The Implementation – During implementation of the proposed design of the interior, the most suitable suppliers and handy workers are selected and at all times supervised.                                                     

KUCHYNĚ A KOUPELNY - Ambience Design - Praha

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Kitchens and Bathrooms projects are often part of our portfolio. Our well-designed questionnaire helps our clients visualize the functionality of the proposed area in its smallest details. This opens the door to very valuable information which helps us create a space completely appropriate for their needs. We work closely with our clients throughout the project: from the initial concept, detailed layout plans, through to the actual installation. For custom made furniture we only work with manufacturers with proven records of quality and long experience.                                                                            

HOTELY & RESTAURACE - Sluzby - Ambience Design Praha


The interior design often affects the success of a restaurant/cafe/bar or hotel and for this reason, the implementation for such commercial spaces is most of the time entrusted to renowned designers.
Our mission is to use our design skills and operational expertise in order to help clients build a solid workflow, but also create a visually attractive environment.
For the duration of the project, we build a rapport with our clients based on trust and understanding. There are 3 main phases of such a project: understanding the project and its definition, elaboration of the concept and detailed design and implementation.









Originality and Authenticity is the way to go for those who give preference to furniture with higher quality and longer durability.
We propose free-standing furniture and built-in furniture with an innovative approach to detail. We work together with trusted carpentry workshops for many years, whose quality of work we guarantee.


Commercial Interior Design covers all solutions to the project – from a proposed design, process of the design, through to design development, implementation and completion. We pay attention to a unique and innovative approach to the interior design process, where creativity and vision are the basis of creating a design for any commercial space. 
Our goal is to work with clients in a manner where design becomes the added value to the project.
Ambience Design works with a wide variety of clients in the commercial sector, such as restaurants, showrooms, hotels, wellness centres, and  banks. We also design office spaces and work together with developers.






VZOROVÉ BYTY - Ambience Design - Praha


Ambience Design is aware that show home must be imaginative, yet functional , comfortable, cozy, and of course memorable. The most important thing about a showroom apartment is its first impression. 
In order for a show home to be successful, you need to know who your clients are, what is the estimated price of the property, the characteristics of the building and see the plans of the surrounding land. Designers are for these reasons usually invited to evaluate a property at a much earlier stage. At this stage, designers can help with choosing the right finishing such as tiles, floors and fixed lighting in order to reach as many potential candidates from the start.
Our experienced team has built a great reputation within the field of show homes. We work closely with the sales and marketing teams during the development phase in order to get the best design within the agreed budget.